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School Facilities


The school has four well equipped and state of the art laboratories for the science subjects which include Physics, Chemistry and Biology.  In addition, the school has a modern ICT laboratory which is well equipped to enhance the students learning.

I. Biology Lab: In the biology laboratory, there are series of practical equipment such as incubator, microscopes, hard lens, test-tube, cover slip,petri dishes; also available are teaching aids such as model of digestive system of man, skeletton, eye, ear, skin, and chat of different types.

II. Physics LabTo ensure effective teaching-learning process, there is a well equipped laboratory where students can perform experiments in areas such as mechanics, optics, electricity, sound, heat, etc.

III. Chemistry Lab: Bright Stars has a well organised and state of the Art Chemistry Laboratory with sophisticated analytical equipment and a well connected Gas and water line; equipment in the laboratory includes: complete set of titration apparatus, Complete set of distillation apparatus, Chemicals for analysis, bench reagent for qualitative analysis, separation apparatus, just to mention a few.  The laboratory is equipped such that student's competence in practical chemistry can be enhanced while preparing them for the future.

IV. Computer Lab: In Bright Stars, 2015 ICT theme "Enriching Tomorrow" is our watch word. We provide quality education, design, implement, support and certify Africa's youth for greater tomorrow; this is evident in our world class ICT laboratory with "One Student to One Computer" capacitty

MUSIC: The music studio has all the modern musical equipment. This explains the success of the school at musical concerts and the students' interest in playing musical instruments.

THE LIBRARY: The school has a well-equipped and well-stocked functional library with a variety of encyclopedia, reference books as well as fiction and non-fiction books to promote the school’s reading culture. The library slogan is "Read! Read!! Read!!! for reading makes the man." In this regard, it is also not surprising that the school excels at national and state library quiz competitions.

 Biology Lab

 Physics Lab

 Chemistry Lab.

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