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Visit to the Motherless

Selected Bright Stars Students and staff paid a visit to the Motherless babies home on Children's day to give them a sence of belonging. The presented them with gift items, cut a cake with them, sang and ate with them.

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2014 Vist to the Less Privilege

A Visit to the St. Vincent De Paul Children Care Services Centre, Eniong Offot, Uyo.

  • The Children Singing using sign language as direct
  • The Children well seated.jpg
  • The Children, Students and Staff From Bright Stars
  • The Less Privilege and Staff From Bright Stars.jpg
  • The Less Privilege Children and Students From Brig
  • The Less Privilege Children Singing Using Sign Lan
  • Arrival and Offloading of gift items at the Less p
  • Arrival At the children centre.jpg
  • carrying the items to the stores.jpg
  • Children carrying the items to the stores.jpg
  • Gift Items and the less privilege children.jpg
  • Rev Sis. Martha(1st Right) Speaking to the Childre
  • Rev. Sister Martha Speaking to the children using
  • Some of the less privilege children.jpg
  • The Children carrying the gift items to the store
  • The Gift items and an NTA Camara Man(1st Left).jpg
  • The Gift Items, Staff and Students of Bright Stars
  • The gift items, students and a staff of Bright Sta
  • The School Head Girl, Miss Ememobong, presenting t